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Peter Pan at Theatre du Vaudeville in Paris and Tittell Brune

I was going to write a different entry for this week’s blog when I heard from Andrew Cutmore regarding Violet and Herbert Hollom. He wrote: “I don’t know if what I’m going to say is known or not (I haven’t got Bruce’s book yet, I’m afraid!) but I have recently found out that there was a performance of Peter Pan at … Continue reading

Pan, Who and What Art Thou?

     “Pan, who and what art thou?” asked Captain Hook as he was losing the battle against his greatest adversary.      “I’m youth, I’m joy,” Peter answered, “I’m a little bird that has broken out of the egg.”      From 1927 through the mid thirties, however, Peter might also have included: “I am Jean Forbes-Robertson!” Other … Continue reading

Peter Pan Cabinet Cards

One of the most elusive formats for Peter Pan portraits at the beginning of the 20th century was the cabinet card, which was essentially an albumen photograph ( a photo on very thin paper that was glazed with egg whites) that was mounted to a card measuring 4¼ by 6½ inches. The albumens were primarily … Continue reading

What Were They Thinking? #3 Cigars!

Somehow, I just can’t imagine Maude Adams giving her approval to have her image used to promote the sale of cigars. Nor, for that matter, J.M. Barrie allowing the boy who wouldn’t grow up to help sell smokers either. But sell they did. Above is the inside top of a cigar box; below the exterior of the … Continue reading

Adventures in Auctionland

A week or so into December a friend of mine from England emailed me to inform me of an auction featuring an original  drawing of Pauline Chase as Peter Pan. Going to that site I was full of trepidation on what to expect and doubtful that I could win such a drawing if I wanted … Continue reading

What Were They Thinking? #2 A Peter Pan Hair Brush

Here’s an entry from my friend, Christine De Poortere of G.O.S.H., for the “What Were They Thinking?” contest. No, there is no prize other than the satisfaction of submitting the weirdest Peter Pan products and sharing them with others. Christine has also promised some other products with peter’s name on them so keep on looking here, folks. … Continue reading

What Were they Thinking?

Through the years, even in Barrie’s own life time, Peter Pan’s name has been used to aid various enterprises ranging from J.M. Barrie’s generous gift to the Great Ormond Street Hospital through Peter Pan Records and Peter Pan Phonographs (that have nothing to do with the character or play except the use of the name as for the companies), to … Continue reading

Peter Pan Opened Last Night, December 27, 1904

“Peter Pan” at The Duke of York’s Theatre Again Mr. J.M. Barrie has drawn one of the great prizes of the theatrical lottery. There will be divergent opinions, no doubt, as to the quality of the humour which inspires and pervades “Peter Pan,” but all the world and his wife will go and see it, … Continue reading

Peter Pan on Porcelain

In Virginia, about 20 miles or so from Norfolk, there is a beautiful little town named Smithfield, which, although famous for their hams, has developed into a primary spot for tourists looking for antiques, a good bed and breakfast, a fantastic bakery, and an old-fashioned ice-cream parlor. About ten years ago Dale and I were … Continue reading

What I Am Not Getting For Christmas!

Last week, my partner, Dale, sent me an email with the title, “What You Are Not Getting For Christmas.” Before opening it I assumed it was some fabulous holiday in the Caribbean or Europe; perhaps a house in the Hamptons; or even a new car. You know what I mean; something way above our standard of … Continue reading