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Deanna Durbin: The Spirit and Personification of Youth

In June of 1993, a month before my first book, The Peter Pan Chronicles, was published, I wrote a letter to Mrs. Deanna  Durbin David regarding a biography I wanted to write about her life. I was much more interested in the idea that she gave up show business for a “normal life” than her life as … Continue reading

The 1907-08 Tour Season

Despite my search over the years for early touring programmes of Peter Pan, I have not been able to locate programmes from several years including the 1907-08 through 1908-09 seasons. (And let us not forget the 1906-07 tour with Zena Dare; an elusive programme if ever there was one.) While there were two touring companies … Continue reading

Will There Ever Be Another Blog?

My goodness, I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve posted something on this site. It’s not for having nothing to write; I have just been so busy with directing chores at school and painting watercolors for a children’s book I’m writing. Meanwhile, I am still looking for Peter Pan ephemera and other items and art … Continue reading

Dinah Sheridan Dies at 92: She Played Peter and Wendy in 1937

During the last few weeks I have been directing a play, Dead Man’s Cell Phone, as well as painting illustrations for a new book I am writing, Izzy and Whitey, so I have not been paying much attention to the news unless it is on NPR. Therefore it was through my friend, Christina De Poortere of … Continue reading

Silk, Chickens and Aero Flights

Hi Folks! It’s been a month or more since I last wrote here an I hope not to let so much time pass for another entry. The last month of school is always very busy for me and this year has proved not to be an exception. My theatre production class produced a very funny … Continue reading

Peter Pan On Tour: The Second Season 1906-07

Two days after their London closing, the Peter Pan company began their tour visiting such cities as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin, Liverpool, and Birmingham. Most of the cast remained intact although Gerald du Maurier (who only played Mr. Darling in London) was replaced by Loring Fernie as both Hook and Mr. Darling and Hilda Mayfren took over Sybil Carlisle’s acting chores … Continue reading

Peter Pan On Tour: 1906 To….

When writing a book on a particular subject, especially for which one has a passion, it is quite difficult to actually stop and say, “That’s it, that’s enough.” I had hoped to include a complete list of the cast of the Peter Pan tours in Peter Pan On Stage and Screen; from the first 1906 … Continue reading

Marilyn Miller as Peter Pan on the I. Miller Building? Not!

In 1999, The New York Times published an article about the sculptures that were created by A. Stirling Calder in the 1920s for the I. Miller Building on Broadway and Forty-Sixth Street in New York City. The sculptures, depicting four women, selected in a poll as the most popular performers in the United States, feature stage actress Ethel Barrymore, opera singer Rosa Ponselle, … Continue reading

Peter Pan Toy Postcards by W.E. Mack, London

One of the casualties of writing about Peter Pan is that even after the project is complete, one is prone to continue collecting related ephemera. From 1989 through 1993 I bought many photos and programmes to use as illustrations for my first book, The Peter Pan Chronicles, as it was often cheaper to buy an item … Continue reading

What Were They Thinking? #4 “Low ‘n’ Behold!”

“Low ‘n’ Behold!” the ad states. Low and behold indeed! I find it very difficult to fathom what they were thinking using the Peter Pan name for a brassiere. Is it some sort of endorsement that only a boy who couldn’t grow up would be able to make? And what were those ladies who wore this apparel thinking? … Continue reading