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Very Rare Peter Pan Ephemera for Sale

I am sorry for adding this entry so late to any of my friends and readers of this site. As to prevent my ever-growing collection of Peter Pan ephemera and “stuff” from getting out of hand, I have been listing some rather rare Peter Pan memorabilia on Ebay. Dale, my partner, asked me a few … Continue reading

“LIVE Peter” Pan on NBC? Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

The big news at NBC, besides the retirement of Jay Leno, is that the network is going to produce a “live” version of the Comden/Green/Charlap/Leigh/Robbins and Mary Martin musical comedy. It seems that their Sound of Music far out reached their viewer expectations and they want to follow-up with another blockbuster. My only negative comment: what took them … Continue reading

Will There Ever Be Another Blog?

My goodness, I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve posted something on this site. It’s not for having nothing to write; I have just been so busy with directing chores at school and painting watercolors for a children’s book I’m writing. Meanwhile, I am still looking for Peter Pan ephemera and other items and art … Continue reading

The Peter Pan Alphabet Painting Book

In addition to the several British Peter Pan paint/coloring books, a few were also published in the United States. One of my favorites is the Peter Pan Alphabet Painting Book which was published (probably) in the early 1920s by the Prang Company. The color illustration features Maude Adams in, perhaps, her quintessential photo as Peter. This … Continue reading

Is It Written in Mary Martin’s Blood?

Yep! That’s what someone asked about the price of my book on the J.M. Barrie site. And, I must admit, I fell over laughing when I read it. Of course, a few minutes later I became quite depressed (we artsy people change moods at the drop of a dime) if other potential buyers were also turned off … Continue reading

Hooked On Compromises

One of my goals for Peter Pan On Stage and Screen 1904-2010 was to include a new assortment of photographs and art, rare and different from the first edition. Not happy with most of the photos in the Maude Adams chapter in The Peter Pan Chronicles which were taken from the Peter Pan souvenir program … Continue reading

Proof Reading the Proofs of Peter Pan On Stage and Screen, 1904-2010

I must confess that I am really enjoying writing this blog. This is all very new to me (and habit-forming). However, this week I will be proof reading the first half of my book and working on the index. The proofs that McFarland Publishing sent look fantastic with a clean but  imaginative layout and the … Continue reading