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George Frampton’s Bronze Study of Peter Pan to be Offered at Auction at Bonhams on June 19th

Last week my partner, Dale, sent me an email about a gift he would not be buying me for Christmas (he does this from time to time): a 1915  signed patinated bronze study of ‘Peter Pan’ by George Frampton. The sculpture,  53 cm high, is based on the character created by J. M Barrie. The youthful figure is depicted in  … Continue reading

Peter Pan Cabinet Cards

One of the most elusive formats for Peter Pan portraits at the beginning of the 20th century was the cabinet card, which was essentially an albumen photograph ( a photo on very thin paper that was glazed with egg whites) that was mounted to a card measuring 4¼ by 6½ inches. The albumens were primarily … Continue reading

Peter Pan on Porcelain

In Virginia, about 20 miles or so from Norfolk, there is a beautiful little town named Smithfield, which, although famous for their hams, has developed into a primary spot for tourists looking for antiques, a good bed and breakfast, a fantastic bakery, and an old-fashioned ice-cream parlor. About ten years ago Dale and I were … Continue reading

Peter Does Wendy

While I was writing my first published book, The Peter Pan Chronicles, I decided that I would not discuss the sexuality of any of the performers, which, inadvertently, left out any discussion about gay or lesbian actors. While it was alright to write about the straight relationships of a Marilyn Miller or a Mary Martin, I … Continue reading

Peter and Wendy Kroma Paket 1923

    Peter and Wendy Kroma Paket 1923 Back in the 1920′s it was common to walk into a toy shop and find Peter Pan themed board games, children’s handkerchiefs, card games, and, my favorite; watercolor and/or crayon sets and booklets. One of the most unusual (that is, after last week’s blog featuring Margaret W. Tarrant … Continue reading

Hooked On Compromises

One of my goals for Peter Pan On Stage and Screen 1904-2010 was to include a new assortment of photographs and art, rare and different from the first edition. Not happy with most of the photos in the Maude Adams chapter in The Peter Pan Chronicles which were taken from the Peter Pan souvenir program … Continue reading

Peter Pan Posters- Same Idea- Different Results

Charles Buchel created what is perhaps the most famous image of Peter Pan when he designed the poster for the first production for the Duke of York’s Theatre in London in 1904. Part of that image was cropped for use in a 1907 publication, The Peter Pan Keepsake, which was sold, among other places, in the lobby of … Continue reading