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1955 and 1956 Peter Pan: Finally a Legit Release

About twenty-seven years ago I directed the musical version of Peter Pan at the F.M. Gaudineer Middle School in New Jersey. As my students had grown up without ever seeing the oft televised video tape of the Broadway version starring Mary Martin and Cyril Ritchard, their only association with the boy who wouldn’t grow up … Continue reading

What a Shame: A Bored Peter and a Boring Peter Pan

In the musical, Peter Pan, Captain Hook asks Pan who he is during his last encounter with the boy who would not grow up. “I am youth, I am joy, I am freedom!” Peter declares with a passion that can work in performance as well as on paper. Of course, this is an abbreviated version … Continue reading

“LIVE Peter” Pan on NBC? Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

The big news at NBC, besides the retirement of Jay Leno, is that the network is going to produce a “live” version of the Comden/Green/Charlap/Leigh/Robbins and Mary Martin musical comedy. It seems that their Sound of Music far out reached their viewer expectations and they want to follow-up with another blockbuster. My only negative comment: what took them … Continue reading

Peter Does Wendy

While I was writing my first published book, The Peter Pan Chronicles, I decided that I would not discuss the sexuality of any of the performers, which, inadvertently, left out any discussion about gay or lesbian actors. While it was alright to write about the straight relationships of a Marilyn Miller or a Mary Martin, I … Continue reading

Is It Written in Mary Martin’s Blood?

Yep! That’s what someone asked about the price of my book on the J.M. Barrie site. And, I must admit, I fell over laughing when I read it. Of course, a few minutes later I became quite depressed (we artsy people change moods at the drop of a dime) if other potential buyers were also turned off … Continue reading

The Book is Out!!!

I was in the midst of writing a blog last Friday (which was to be followed by several chores in the house) when a package arrived at my front door. Taking my time opening it as to enjoy every second of anticipation, I read Robert Franklin’s (the president of McFarland Publishers) letter several times before taking out a book. Even … Continue reading

Mary Martin’s Costume by Dorothy Jeakins

Last week LiveAuctioneers.com auctioned off a Peter Pan costume design created for Mary Martin’s 1960 video. Designed by Academy Award winner Dorothy Jeakins (who won for Joan of Arc, Samson and Delilah,  and Night of the Iguana), the estimate was $600 to $800 with a starting bid of $600. It sold for almost $3,000 and since … Continue reading