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Dinah Sheridan Dies at 92: She Played Peter and Wendy in 1937

During the last few weeks I have been directing a play, Dead Man’s Cell Phone, as well as painting illustrations for a new book I am writing, Izzy and Whitey, so I have not been paying much attention to the news unless it is on NPR. Therefore it was through my friend, Christina De Poortere of … Continue reading

What Were They Thinking? #2 A Peter Pan Hair Brush

Here’s an entry from my friend, Christine De Poortere of G.O.S.H., for the “What Were They Thinking?” contest. No, there is no prize other than the satisfaction of submitting the weirdest Peter Pan products and sharing them with others. Christine has also promised some other products with peter’s name on them so keep on looking here, folks. … Continue reading

What I Am Not Getting For Christmas!

Last week, my partner, Dale, sent me an email with the title, “What You Are Not Getting For Christmas.” Before opening it I assumed it was some fabulous holiday in the Caribbean or Europe; perhaps a house in the Hamptons; or even a new car. You know what I mean; something way above our standard of … Continue reading

Remembering a Visit From Barrie in Kirriemuir

A few months ago Christine De Poortere of GOSH sent me a copy of a letter written by Mrs. Edth Wild who, writing to Rob Sergeant, the author of Sir J.M. Barrie of Thrums, described when she saw  Barrie  at an auction in 1933 in the town hall. Mrs. Wild, an 84 year-old resident of Wester … Continue reading

The Holloms- A Family Tradition Continued

THANK YOU FOR YOUR NOTES First of all, let me thank everyone for their notes of concern regarding my arm. The last of the test results were given to me yesterday. Results; no operation necessary. I was  given a steroid shot instead. Secondly, I received an email from Lisa, the head editor at McFarland,  that everything was in order (she … Continue reading

The Book Cover

OK, I know it’s not groundbreaking news but still, I am extremely excited about the book cover design. That’s Hayley Mills for those of you who might be too young to recognize the lass as Peter gazing at his shadow. Perhaps you have seen the twins in the original Parent Trap film? That was (or … Continue reading