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Peter Pan On Tour: The Second Season 1906-07

Theatre Royal in Edinburgh, Peter Pan Programme Cover Monday, March 11, 1907

Two days after their London closing, the Peter Pan company began their tour visiting such cities as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin, Liverpool, and Birmingham. Most of the cast remained intact although Gerald du Maurier (who only played Mr. Darling in London) was replaced by Loring Fernie as both Hook and Mr. Darling and Hilda Mayfren took over Sybil Carlisle’s acting chores as Mrs. Darling. Frederick Annerley briefly played Hook during the run while Gerald Malvern played Cecco. The company toured until May 18, 1907.

Peter Pan, Theatre Royal Edinburgh Cast List, Monday, March 11, 1907

Opening at the Prince’s Theatre in Manchester on December 24, 1906

Ela Q. May played Wendy in the 1906-07 sceond touring company of Peter Pan.

was the second Peter Pan company which toured until May 11, 1907. Below, from Fifty Years of Peter Pan by Roger Lancelyn Green, is the company:

Peter Pan- Zena Dare, Jas. Hook/Mr. Darling- Lionel Mackinder, Mrs. Darling- Irene Rooke, Wendy- Ela Q. May, John- Walter Cross, Michael- Philip Tonge, Nana- George Lupino, Tootles- Rose Lemoine, Nibs- Grace Armiage Noble, Slightly- Leslie Oswell, Curly- Florence Markham, First Twin- Phyllis Monkham, Second Twin- Maidie Andrews, Smee- G.W. Anson, Starkey- Stretton Mills, Cookson- F. Evans, Mullins- Eric Leslie, Cecco- William Luff, Jukes- A.G. Williams, Noodler- H. W. Hewlett, First Pirate- Edward Sidney, Second Pirate- J. W. Mason,  Black Pirate- Napoleon Florent,

Act List from Peter Pan at the theatre Royal in Edinburgh. Notice that the Marooner's Rock (or the Mermaid's Lagoon) Act is included.

Zena Dare as Peter Pan 1906-07 Tour

Panther- Humphphrey Warden, Tiger Lily- Florence Wells, Mermaid- Hetty Muret, Baby Mermaid- Minnie Mills, Liza- Mabel Lamont, Crocodile- W. Child & T. Scott.   

Ela Q. May is pictured above although it is questionable if the pajamas she is wearing belongs to Wendy as this is the same photograph featured in the Mills & Boone book, Peter Pan, which advertises “‘Viyella’ Pyjamas- ‘Viyella’ for day and night wear.” To the right is Zena dare, whom Roger Lancelyn Green credits as the first actress to bring “a touch of musical comedy or pantomime technique” to Peter.



One thought on “Peter Pan On Tour: The Second Season 1906-07

  1. I have come across a newspaper article from December 1908 which suggests that Violet Hollom actually took over the lead role of Peter Pan for a few performances (though not sure actually where and when this would’ve been!?) Presumably this would’ve been due to Pauline Chase being ill !? So Violet must have been,at one point,Pauline’s understudy! I wonder if this can ever be 100% proved? Anyway,Happy Christmas ! everyone !

    Posted by Andrew Cutmore | December 24, 2012, 5:17 PM

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