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What Were They Thinking? #4 “Low ‘n’ Behold!”

Peter Pan Foundation Bra Merry-Go-Round Cup

“Low ‘n’ Behold!” the ad states. Low and behold indeed! I find it very difficult to fathom what they were thinking using the Peter Pan name for a brassiere. Is it some sort of endorsement that only a boy who couldn’t grow up would be able to make? And what were those ladies who wore this apparel thinking? Surely, a name synonymous with staying young and small would be ludicrous for such product. Perhaps not. 

Better safe, perhaps, with the Peter Pan pearl buttons. They might not have had pockets but it seems that Peter and the Lost Boys had buttons to spare.  Sorry that I am not writing more this week but I have been home with a

Peter Pan Pearl Buttons

stomach virus that is a killer. I am returning to school tomorrow not because I’m well and ready but rather I have a student directing his own musical revue which goes up next week and I need to be there for him. What a shame I was not able to enjoy the extraordinarily warm days we have had in Petersburg since Sunday. The trees in front of the house are blooming with lovely white flowers and our daffodils are all out now greeting the sun each morning.  I can’t wait for spring break; not that I don’t like teaching but it will be so nice to be home for a week. We will be raising chickens starting this spring. I am so excited!



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