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Peter Pan at Theatre du Vaudeville in Paris and Tittell Brune

L'Histoire de Peter Pan 1908

I was going to write a different entry for this week’s blog when I heard from Andrew Cutmore regarding Violet and Herbert Hollom. He wrote: “I don’t know if what I’m going to say is known or not (I haven’t got Bruce’s book yet, I’m afraid!) but I have recently found out that there was a performance of Peter Pan at the Theatre Du Vaudeville in Paris on June 20th 1908 and Herbert and Violet Hollom were in the cast!” I wrote back to Andrew that I would post something about that production and then looked in my files for the Theatre du Vaudeville Programme as well as the “L’ Historie de Peter Pan” booklet that was also given out to the audiences of Peter Pan in Paris. The 1907-08 company which featured Pauline Chase as Peter, Robb Harwood as Captain Hook, Hilda Trevelyan as Wendy, and George Shelton as Smee, also included Violet Hollom as 1st Twin and her brother, Herbert Hollom as Michael. The programme I own is from opening night, June 15, 1908 but the play had a run of two weeks in Paris and then, due to its success, returned the following year for a five-week run which began on June 1, 1909. I have not seen other programmes

Theatre du Vaudeville cast list of Peter Pan, June 15, 1908.

from Paris nor reviews but was lucky enough to obtain my 1908 programme and history booklet from Simon Moss, which I purchased around 2004 or so. Interestingly, the reason Peter flew in Paris was that J,M. Barrie wanted to go there and producer Charles Frohman, much like a child himself, agreed to transport the whole company as a lark. Why didn’t I include the cast list of the Paris production in my book? Hmm…Oh well, featured here are images of the Theatre du Vaudeville programme with the cast list (the photo of Pauline Chase on the cover of this programme is the same as the “L’Historie e Peter Pan” and since I included the programme image in my book, Peter Pan On Stage and Screen, 1904-2010, I have refrained from using it again) and the history of Pan booklet. Enjoy, Andrew.

On a different Pan subject, Alice wrote to Anon, requesting information about early non-British productions of Peter Pan. I wrote back suggesting that she read Roger Lancelyn Green’s Fifty Years of Peter Pan but also wrote about one Pan not included in his book; Tittell Brune. Miss Brune was an American born in 1875 who became a huge stage star in Australia where she enjoyed particularly great success from 1906 to 1909 or there about. As I looked through several images of the actress in my photo collection, I again had this nagging question in my mind: why didn’t I include Tittell Brune in my book? I remember considering using her image but somehow I got side-tracked. So, once again I am posting some photos that, in retrospect, I wish I had included in Peter Pan On Stage and Screen. Hope these help, Alice.

Tittell Brune as Peter Pan, 1908



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