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What Were They Thinking? #3 Cigars!

Peter Pan Cigars

Somehow, I just can’t imagine Maude Adams giving her approval to have her image used to promote the sale of cigars. Nor, for that matter, J.M. Barrie allowing the boy who wouldn’t grow up to help sell smokers either. But sell they did. Above is the inside top of a cigar box; below the exterior of the box top. Now if Mickey Rooney aka Mickey McGuire played Peter? Yes indeed. Peter would have been a cigar affectionado. Happy smoking!



2 thoughts on “What Were They Thinking? #3 Cigars!

  1. I love it. From today’s point of view, it is unbelievable that an actress of Pauline Chase’s stature would endorse a brand of cigars, or that Barrie would allow Peter Pan to be used in such a way… But back then, of course, tobacco was perceived differently. Barrie himself was a smoker – hence his chronic bronchitis – and he had described the ‘pleasures’ of smoking in My Lady Nicotine (1890). He had also endorsed Craven Mixture as the brand of tobacco praised in the work – although he later hated so much the publicity around this that he stopped smoking the blend entirely. He never got any money from his endorsement, unlike Gerald du Maurier who had no qualms about selling the use of his name to a brand of cigarettes still around today. And he wasn’t even a smoker.

    Posted by Christine | February 9, 2012, 11:29 AM
    • I forget that we are in different times and how we tend to view things today. I will be placing a Peter pan Coffee Mug on this post soon and all I could think of when I bought it was what my parents taught me as a youngster: stunts your growth. Of course, Peter would not have cared about that.

      Posted by Bruce K. Hanson | February 10, 2012, 5:10 PM

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