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What Were They Thinking? #2 A Peter Pan Hair Brush

Peter Pan Hair Brush submitted by Christine De Poortere

Here’s an entry from my friend, Christine De Poortere of G.O.S.H., for the “What Were They Thinking?” contest. No, there is no prize other than the satisfaction of submitting the weirdest Peter Pan products and sharing them with others. Christine has also promised some other products with peter’s name on them so keep on looking here, folks. Meanwhile, Purlie, the musical play I have been directing at school opens this week and then I have a life again. On Friday, Act One ran 1 hr. and 10 minutes which is fantastic as just a few days before it was almost 3 hours (with stops  and goes and all sorts of technical problems).



One thought on “What Were They Thinking? #2 A Peter Pan Hair Brush

  1. Congratulations on your play opening this week! Hope it’s a great success.
    The hair brush was just a taster – I’ve got more gems coming in the WWTT category, each one weirder than the other. But it would be great to see entries from other people, I find it fascinating – and hilarious. I did see a ‘Pita Pan’ kebab cafe in New York last year, but that was an easy pun.

    Posted by Christine | January 15, 2012, 9:30 PM

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