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What I Am Not Getting For Christmas!

Cinderella & Peter Pan Candy Tin Cars

Last week, my partner, Dale, sent me an email with the title, “What You Are Not Getting For Christmas.” Before opening it I assumed it was some fabulous holiday in the Caribbean or Europe; perhaps a house in the Hamptons; or even a new car. You know what I mean; something way above our standard of living. Therefore I was surprised upon opening the email to find a website for a recently ended auction. There I found the most charming candy tins in the form of small vintage automobiles with wheels. One depicts

Cinderella & Peter Pan Candy Tin Cars 2

Cinderella in it; the other features Peter Pan at the wheel with Wendy and Nana sharing the front with him while Tinkerbell peering out of the back window. There is no date on the tin or in auction description but the image of Peter is similar to the Platt & Munk illustrations from 1923. The auction estimate was listed at $350 to $450; it sold for $1300. Although not the winning bidder (or the under bidder) I was thrilled that Dale would have bid at all.

Peter Pan & Cinderella Tin Cars front view

However, when I told him I would feature this on my blog he was afraid that my readers would think he was cheap. “Nonsense,” I retorted. “My associates know that we are not in that league. But I wish we were filthy rich!” “Well, you’ll just have to settle for being filthy,” he answered back. Still, not to have him sulk over what he could not afford, I decided to include something else that I am not getting for Christmas: Christina

Back view of tin cars.

De Poortere’s beautiful Peter Pan tin. Thanks Christina, for allowing me to show photos of your tin on this site. I received a copy of the Annotated Peter Panfor my birthday and while I can’t write a review on Amazon.com (as I think that would be a conflict of interest), on my own site I can at least say; buy it! It is a cornucopia of any

Peter and Wendy on a Candy Tin Box

Peter Pan fan’s wish list! In addition to the text of Barrie’s 1911 novel, Peter and Wendy, as well as author Tatar’s perceptive annotations, the treasure book also includes many rare photos, the complete The Boy Castaways, Barrie’s screen treatment, and other surprises beautifully packaged. I am only half way through it but I am so glad I asked for it as a birthday present. Oh yes, Christina has written a segment as well

Peter Guarding the Wendy House Tin Candy Box

explaining the relationship between Barrie and GOSH. Great stuff!

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and best wishes to everyone else.

Captain Hook



2 thoughts on “What I Am Not Getting For Christmas!

  1. Happy birthday! Those candy tins are fantastic! And Dale did try… But $1300?? That’s serious money for a couple of old tins. I wonder if the manufacturers ever got permission from JMB at the time? My guess is not, as with many other products.

    By the way, I believe my tin was a tea caddy. I could be wrong, but it would have been a more popular novelty item back then, more so than sweetie tins. It’s doubtful JMB (or GOSH) knew about it either. Oh well.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Posted by Christine | November 21, 2011, 8:59 PM
    • Ahhh, a tea caddy. Hmmm…I wonder if the $1300 tin is a tea cabbie? I received your card and certificate in the mail. Thanks so much for thinking of me on my birthday, Christine. It was a wonerful surprise.

      Posted by bruce k.hanson | November 23, 2011, 4:28 PM

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