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The Peter Pan Post Card Painting Book

Last week my partner, Dale, drove out to North Carolina, where we

The Peter Pan Post Card Painting Book by painter Sybil Barham.

lived until four years ago, to pick up some more “stuff” we had in storage. Still left are two Victrolas, a piano, an entertainment center, some antique chairs, and a few boxes of odds and ends. Dale brought home a music cabinet which along with sheet music (and forgotten by me) were several pieces of Peter Pan memorabilia including Sybil Barham’s Peter Pan Post Card Painting Book which was published by C.W. Faulkner & Co., Ltd. in London. Barham had created a series of lovely, whimsical illustrations which were reproduced as postcards. Ironically, as  popular as the cards were, Barham received no credit in the postcard book. Similar in approach to the Peter Pan Birthday Book Margaret W. Tarrant, the book features several uncolored postcards opposite identical ones that are in full color. Although the paper stock is a lighter weight than the post cards sold separately, it is fun to have them bound together in their own book. It is even more fun to see them once again as I thought they had gotten lost in our move from NC to VA. Nope, not lost, merely misplaced and temporarily forgotten; it’s nice to have them “home” again.

A full color page from the Peter Pan Post Card Painting Book.



2 thoughts on “The Peter Pan Post Card Painting Book

  1. Hello Bruce
    I’ve found some postcards that come from this book. I’d love to collect them all but don’t know how many there are in the book, or how many were made as postcards. So far I’ve seen 6. Do you know if there are more?

    Posted by Keith Lowe | February 7, 2012, 9:07 AM

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