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Peter and Wendy Kroma Paket 1923

Peter and Wendy Kroma Paket 1923
Back in the 1920′s it was common to walk into a toy shop and find Peter Pan themed board games, children’s handkerchiefs, card games, and, my favorite; watercolor and/or crayon sets and booklets. One of the most unusual (that is, after last week’s blog featuring Margaret W. Tarrant postcards) is this 1923 pack of black and white illustrations issued by the American Crayon Company. The envelope features a color Alice Woodward scene from the book, The Story of Peter Pan , a retelling of the stage version of Peter Pan by Daniel O’Connor. The author, who received permission from J.M. Barrie to publish a synopsis-like novella of the play, saw this work published in one form or another from 1907 to the mid fifties. In addition to his book with Woodward’s illustrations, O’Connor’s text was used in The Peter Pan Keepsake, a souvenir theatre programme (as it was

The Kennel Scene from the Peter Pan Kroma Paket

published in England) which also featured photographs from the 1904-1906 London productions of the play as well as a portrait of the American Peter, Maude Adams. While O’Connor lacks the charm of Barrie’s own 1911 retelling of his play, the illustrations and/or photos are worth the price of owning his books. In particular, the 1907 publication, with Woodwood’s colorful and whimsical tipped in plates, is printed on beautiful hand-made paper making me feel a bit chagrined that her work never accompanied the real thing–Barrie’s text. Here is

an advertisement for that book. In later years the paper would be cheaper and the illustrations  would not be tipped in. In addition to the Peter and Wendy Kroma Paket, I am including a card that a child would have colored. In fact, he/she already started on this page (and no, despite my desire to do so, this is not my work). Also shown here is an example of Woodward’s work to inspire (or intimidate) the potential child artists. Later Peter Pan coloring books would include facsimiles of Lu Lu and Cathy Rigby as Peter as well as various Disney incarnations. Meanwhile, I hope that these examples above are worth a glance. Have a safe and happy week!


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