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Irene, Izzy, Whitey, Lucy, and School

Izzy and Whitey- The name Izzy was chosen for we were not sure; "is he" a boy or "is he" a girl. We were not going to keep his brother but after Dale's mom changed her mind about taking him in we decided to keep him too (which is what I had my fingers crossed for all along). We named him "Whitey" when we thought he was only a temporary guest. Now he is "Whitey."

Hi Folks! The last two weeks have been so busy that I was not able to even think about Peter Pan except that I am doing a book signing on Friday, September 9th ay Kimberly Ann’s Open Door Gallery in Petersburg, VA. (A little plug!) Hurricane Irene downed six trees in my neighbor’s yard most of which fell in ours. With our neighbor, Donna, we hired someone to chop them down and turn them to mulch. Two

Our yard lost most of the shade the trees were providing.

days before I caught the last of the cats that hang around our house (six in all) and had him neutered and given rabies shots after which he was let back in the yard. I never thought I’d catch that big Tom cat and was quite happy to see him in my trap. Prior to him, I caught five females including a kitten my neighbor named Lucy (who is white with a strawberry blonde spot on her head). Lucy looked like she wanted to be cuddled when she lived exclusively outside but was too frightened by people. After capturing, spaying, etc., I brought Lucy in our bathroom and in 48 hours she was a loveable and cuddly little girl. I am now trying to find a home for her. I also caught Lucy’s mother, Izzy and White’s mother, and others that I did not realize were female until I was informed by my vet. I must tell you that my partner Dale and my neighbor, Donna, helped with the neutering and spaying costs for which I am most grateful. The SPCA also helped in reducing the cost. Meanwhile, Izzy and Whitey have joined our dog, Homer, and our cat, Spooky, in an all male household (with Lucy as our temporary guest). School started last week and I am most excited about teaching my new classes. I’ll get back to Peter Pan stuff next week. To my British friends, “cheers!”.

That's me inspecting the damage from Irene in our back yard. Six trees came down.



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