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John Hassall’s Posters at the Duke of York’s Theatre

In 1907, artist John Hassall created a series of posters depicting

Programme insert from 1907 advertising John Hassall's beautiful Peter Pan posters

various scenes from Peter Pan, six of which were sold in the lobby at the Duke of York’s Theatre during its annual run of the play.

Inside one of my Pauline Chase programmes from that year I found an insert advertising

Three more Hassall posters from the 1907 insert.

them. Offered were the following: The Arrival of Peter Pan, The Building of the House, The Pillow Dance, The Approach of the Indians, The Defeat of the Pirates, and At the Tops of the Trees. Not offered were posters of Hook and Starkey (spelled Starkie on the poster’s margin) and Peter Pan On the Lagoon (which I found on Art.com).  

In 2004, Yale University Press offered a lovely reproduction set with four of the posters just slightly reduced in size, the originals being 28 X 10 3/4 inches while the reproductions are 24 X 10 inches. Part of one the posters was used for several years as the programme cover.  

John Hassall's Peter Pan On the Lagoon



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