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Peter Pan Cake Tin

Vintage Peter Pan cake tin cover.

There have been many tin candy containers manufactured over the years depicting scenes from Peter Pan. While I was in London a few years ago I picked up some tin banks filled with toffees (that were too hard to eat) which I gave to my friends. Today, I thought it might be fun to post several views of a charming cake tin from the late twenties to early thirties. I do

Peter Sees the Pirate Ship

not remember where I purchased this but I do know there was no cake inside. That’s OK, it was probably much too damp and rich a cake anyway.  🙂 




Side view with Nana


Side view with Tink and Hook



2 thoughts on “Peter Pan Cake Tin

  1. Prolly had green icing too!

    Posted by Keith Lowe | July 17, 2011, 7:54 AM
    • I once had cake with grey icing; my sister-in-law made it. It was bad enough that the cake was horrible in taste but that it was grey was just too sad. Hi Keith! Sorry I could not write last week but we went away to Chincoteague for 7 days. There was no internet at the house we rented so except for a visit to the town library to download my blog, I avoided phones and emails. It was a great vacation!

      Posted by Bruce K. Hanson | July 18, 2011, 3:04 PM

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