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The Holloms- A Family Tradition Continued


First of all, let me thank everyone for their notes of concern regarding my arm. The last of the test results were given to me yesterday. Results; no operation necessary. I was  given a steroid shot instead. Secondly, I received an email from Lisa, the head editor at McFarland,  that everything was in order (she even complimented my index!!) and except for two questions, my work was completed. I can’t express how happy I am to be finished with that index! Even without the inconvenience of not being able to type for three weeks, indexing is a bitch. For the first edition of my book, my contract mandated that the publisher create the index. This time, I had to do it myself. But I am so glad I did! The former index was quite incomplete; almost sophomoric. So, despite the rather anticlimactic task, I can now see how important it is for the writer to create it him/herself.

It’s funny, but giving your manuscript to a publisher is akin to leaving your child at a nursery school for his/her first day. I still remember how my son, Drew, who was not quite four years old at the time, cried and begged me not to leave him there. Although his teacher assured me that he would be “over it” a few minutes after I left, as I walked back to my car alone,  I looked back at the school only to see the Drewster at his classroom window bawling his eyes out. Later that day I drove back into the lot and there was Drew, still at the window. This time, however, he was waving and smiling. I don’t think there was ever a time before or since that we both were so

The Drewster as Peter Pan, flying.

glad to see each other. No video or photograph could ever replace the joy I still feel from that moment. A few minutes later his teacher told me that Drewster participated with the other children and had a wonderful day. My son confirmed this a few minutes later in the car. Our one hour commute home became a ritual where I would talk to him using various voices of his favorite cartoon characters: Mickey Mouse, Dracula, Chip and Dale, and the Bob Newhart and Eva Gabor characters from Rangers. We would also stop at least at one place for a treat; Dunkin Doughnuts, Dairy Queen, or a hot dog stand.

Sending in my manuscript to McFarland was nearly as traumatic. Like your child’s teacher, you want to trust them but it is a slow process until you finally realize that your editors are your friends; they are just as concerned about the product. After all, it has the publisher’s name stamped all over it. I can not wait to see everything sandwiched up between the covers of the book. The three-year process is over. I finally let go.  


Violet Hollom

In an April 21st entry, I spotlighted the Hollom Family (Ernest, Herbert, and Violet)  and their participation in Peter Pan circa 1907-1908. Andrew Cutmore wrote that the Holloms are ancestors of his on his mother’s side. Apparently Andrew had been researching these long lost relatives for some time when he found out about my blog through Christine de Poortere of GOSH.

 While I posted a couple of photos of Ernest Hollom as Michael Darling, I had never seen any featuring sister Violet who appeared as the First

Violet Hollom as the First Twin

Twin; 1907-08 (in London and on tour), 1908-09 (touring only), and again in the 1911-12 touring company. Andrew sent two photos of Violet which I am including here. Thank you Andrew for these wonderful images!

If anyone knows of the existence of photos featuring Herbert Hollom as Michael, John or Peter (yes, Peter!) please let me know. Andrew would be thrilled!



One thought on “The Holloms- A Family Tradition Continued

  1. I have found another photo of my ancestor Violet Hollom-I will email it to Bruce Hanson (when I have tried my best to improve the quality of it!) so that he can post it here!I wish I had met the Holloms,I’m sure they would’ve been quite interesting (and they lived in a better time!!?) Andrew

    Posted by Andrew Cutmore | October 3, 2011, 7:37 PM

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