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The Peter Pan League

Murphy’s law! Just as I was proof reading and creating an index from the proofs I came down, rather suddenly, with Septic Bursitis in my left shoulder. The pain shot down to my hand with such a fierce force that I was taken by Dale to the emergency room of our hospital here in Petersburg. Three weeks (and several specialists and tests) later I am waiting for the results of some tests to see if I shall be merely treated with steroids or with an operation. Yikes! No wonder Peter does not want to grow up! I am just getting back to typing again.

I was browsing through the internet last night and noticed that GOSH has reinstated the Peter Pan League. The organization began in 1929 as a fundraiser for the hospital with each member paying one shilling for which was received a pin, a subscription to a monthly magazine, and a colorful certificate (which was later used as the cover for the 1940 record set of Peter Pan on His Master’s Voice records). I found a copy of the application for subscription in an old theatre programme and I am including a scan of that along with the pin.

Meanwhile, my indexing should be finished this weekend and the book is coming out in July. Thanks for staying with me!

A Peter Pan League application



4 thoughts on “The Peter Pan League

  1. Glad to hear your hand is getting better and you can type again! I was very interested to see your scan of the subscription form for the Peter Pan League. I had seen copies of the certificate and the magazines that were sent off quarterly but never this form. How fascinating to have found it in an old programme. Did you know the silhouette of Peter Pan (on the pin and form) was created by EH Shepard, of Winnie-the-Pooh fame? AA Milne himself wrote the first letter of appeal for GOSH, and it was illustrated by Shepard. (But I bet you did know..)

    Get well soon!

    Posted by Christine | June 18, 2011, 10:31 PM
    • No, I did not know that EH Shepard created the silhouette on the pin. How kewl is that? And that’s the main reason I am enjoying this blog; finding out new info about Peter Pan. What is it about that time period (1900-1940s) that is so fascinating to me? I saw the League certificate on your site, Christine. Is the hospital using the original deasign for new membership certificates?

      And saints be praised, I finished the index last Wednesday and sent it to my publisher. I’m done!

      Posted by Bruce K. Hanson | June 26, 2011, 11:20 PM
  2. Bruce, I hope you’re spared the operation, but I’m awfully glad you got treatment before it was too late. People can die from sepsis. Take care of yourself and follow the doctor’s orders and take the medicine, even if it’s that beastly sticky sweet stuff….

    Posted by Dan | June 19, 2011, 10:19 AM

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