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Proof Reading the Proofs of Peter Pan On Stage and Screen, 1904-2010

Stone lithograph window card for the 1924 silent film, Peter Pan. The poster has a theatrical flare that elevates the level of expectations of seeing the black and white and tinted film.

I must confess that I am really enjoying writing this blog. This is all very new to me (and habit-forming). However, this week I will be proof reading the first half of my book and working on the index. The proofs that McFarland Publishing sent look fantastic with a clean but  imaginative layout and the photos are displayed in sizes that don’t strain the eyes. In other words, I am thrilled! Meanwhile, as I don’t want to leave this week’s blog without any illustrations here is a Peter Pan poster with a short anecdote.  

In 1990 (and before the real power of the internet), as I was looking around for illustrations and photos via museums, libraries, and private collectors I found a window card for the Betty Bronson silent film of Peter Pan at a movie poster auction in Ohio. I immediately called the dealer inquiring if I might be able to have a photo of the poster. He replied yes but that there would be a $200 rental fee. I asked him what the poster was starting at in the auction and he answered $750. For this school teacher with a six-year-old it might as well have been a million dollars yet despite my poor finances I asked if I could buy it before it went on the block. He said yes! Then, and I don’t know where I got the nerve, I asked if I could pay it off over a year’s time period. Again he said yes! And so I did, selling my pottery at fairs and festivals to pay for the poster. About nine months later I paid off the debt and received the window card in the mail. Since then, I have seen many copies of this poster offered on the internet (same lithograph printing errors, drips, and spots make it recognizable) but I have enjoyed seeing it on the walls of my homes for the last 21 years. Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Proof Reading the Proofs of Peter Pan On Stage and Screen, 1904-2010

  1. Great story – and great poster! I had never seen it before and now I’m very envious and want one for my collection…

    Posted by Christine | May 4, 2011, 6:30 PM
  2. I love that poster! $750 is a normal price for such fine art that you get to have framed and hung on your walls. I’m glad you splurged for it back then, because it suits you and I can tell it suits your home. 🙂

    Posted by Jessi | May 7, 2011, 2:30 AM
    • Hi Jessi!!!! You think? 🙂 Actually, I’m glad I bought it then as it was in our house all the while Drew was growing up. Any good news from your side? (By the way,I spelled your name “Jessie” in the Acknowledgments. Should I be spelling it Jessi?

      Posted by bruce k.hanson | May 9, 2011, 10:50 PM

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